Build Fails due to SSL Handshake

On Tuesday November 16, 2021, GitHub sunset their DSA SHA256 key. 

Details on this key sunset are here: 


This would cause  a custom image that has not updated `git` before November 16, 2021 to fail with the following error while attempting to `checkout` from GitHub:


Either git or ssh (required by git to clone through SSH) is not installed in the image. Falling back to CircleCI's native git client but the behavior may be different from official git. If this is an issue, please use an image that has official git and ssh installed.
Cloning git repository

error cloning repository: ssh: handshake failed: knownhosts: key mismatch

In this case, it will be necessary to update git on your custom image to utilize one of the recommended keys GitHub lists in the above documentation. 

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