[Server] Error Creating Ephemeral Network Bridge

Error creating Ephemeral Network Bridge 

If you are getting the error message related to "ephemeral network bridge" and your docker version is 18.06 and above.

Build-agent version 1.219.48216-fe3742fa (2020-12-09T13:47:53+0000)
Docker Engine Version: 18.09.9
Kernel Version: Linux 7cfa8725cxxx 4.4.0-1087-aws #98-Ubuntu SMP Wed Jun 26 05:50:53 UTC 2019 x86_64 Linux

Unexpected environment preparation error: error creating ephemeral network bridge: error creating ephemeral docker network: Error response from daemon: could not find an available, \
non-overlapping IPv4 address pool among the defaults to assign to the network


The Fix

Create a file /etc/docker/daemon.json on nomad client machines with the below content.

  "default-address-pools": [
    {"base": "", "size": 24}


Note: As a quick fix, you can also terminate nomad clients. Nomad ASG will automatically spin new nomad clients as per its policy.


In case the issue is still not resolved, please submit a ticket to Support or write to support@circleci.com along with a Support bundle.

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