Scheduled workflows did not run

Scheduled workflows no longer running

If you notice that scheduled workflows that were previously triggered according to the schedule specified in your config.yml suddenly stopped running, you'll need to check the last non-scheduled build attempt on the related branch (triggered by a push, a pull-request or via the CircleCI API).

If that build attempt resulted in a Build Error failure due to a Config Processing Error (which happens if the configuration file is invalid), then all currently scheduled workflows will get unscheduled.

To restore the schedule you'll need to trigger a new build (with a valid configuration file) on the related branch.


Gap in the scheduled workflows runs

In case you see a gap in the scheduled workflows runs (they stopped running for a period of time, and then started running again), this means that at some point a build was triggered with an invalid configuration file which caused the situation described above.

Then another build was subsequently triggered with a valid configuration file, and the schedule was restored.


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