[Server] Simulate "when" Attribute in a CircleCI Server Configuration

Workaround for "when" Attribute

While CircleCI Server does not currently support the when attribute for a run step, the following will allow a build to execute a different series of commands when a command fails:

- run: |
    # Disable fail on error
    set +eo pipefail
    echo "Run commands here"
    if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
      echo "Steps for error"
      # Return either exit 1 or exit 0
      # depending on if you want the step
      # to be success or failure
    exit 0
    # Re-enable fail on error
    set -eo pipefail
    echo "Other steps if does not fail"


Be sure to set -eo pipeline after the if statement. If we do not re-enable it after the if statement, any additional errors will still produce a success(green) build.

If we want the failed command to still have a failed(red) status, we would return exit 1 instead of exit 0.

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