Auto-Cancel Re-Run if Newer Commit Exists

Exiting Build From Run Step

There are situations where re-running a build would cause issues, such as deploying a stale version of your application. To work around this the following run step will exit a build if a newer commit exists on the branch it is running on:

- run:
    name: Check last commit to this commit
    command: |
      LATEST_COMMIT=$(git ls-remote $CIRCLE_REPOSITORY_URL | grep $CIRCLE_BRANCH | cut -f 1)
      LAST_COMMIT_DATETIME=$(git show --format="%ct" $LATEST_COMMIT | head -n 1)
      BUILD_COMMIT_DATETIME=$(git show --format="%ct" $CIRCLE_SHA1 | head -n 1)
        echo "more recent commit to branch, exiting"
        exit 1

Example of this in action:


Build 714 runs successfully, I then make a change and push that commit up, and build 715 runs successfully. Then I re-run build 714 which fails since it found a newer commit on the branch.


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