[Server] How to Update CircleCI Server?

Updating your Server Installation

To update your CircleCI Enterprise or server you can follow the below steps. The process is simple and may take 15-20 minutes.


CircleCI Server 4.x

  1. Before upgrading, please create a Backup and Restore point.
  2. You can then follow the steps outlined in our docs to guide you through the upgrade.
helm diff upgrade circleci-server oci://cciserver.azurecr.io/circleci-server -n$namespace--version<version>-f<path-to-values.yaml>--username$USERNAME--password$PASSWORD
helm upgrade circleci-server oci://cciserver.azurecr.io/circleci-server -n $namespace --version <version> -f <path-to-values.yaml> --username $USERNAME --password $PASSWORD

To get the <version>, you can consult our changelog.

CircleCI Server 3.x

  1. Before upgrading, please create a Backup and Restore point.
  2. Once a backup has been created, you can follow the instructions found in our docs via the KOTS Admin Console.


CircleCI Server 2.x 

1. While on the management console dashboard, click on "View Update".


2. Click on "Install Update". This will start updating your server installation.



1. Before updating check the server changelog at https://circleci.com/server/changelog
2. Backup of your installation. Check instructions here: https://circleci.com/docs/2.0/backup/#backing-up-circleci-data
3. Make sure no job is running.


If you have any more questions, please submit a ticket to Support or write to support@circleci.com.

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