How to customize your Slack messages when using CircleCI's Slack Orb


Users often times would like to customize Slack messages to represent CircleCI and include important build information. Below is a template using markdown to get you started.

You can also change the name of your slack bot user to "CircleCI". You can do this by navigating to > your app > Display Information > App name

You can update you app icon to include a CircleCI logo. You can find CircleCI logos and Icons here:


Example Slack Notification with Custom message: 

- slack/notify:
          event: fail
          custom: | 
                "blocks": [
                        "type": "section",
                        "text": {
                            "type": "mrkdwn",

You might also find it useful to use one of CircleCI's pre-built message templates which you can find here. Additionally, you can find the source code to these pre-build message templates here:

You can build your own custom templates using Slack's BlocK Kit Builder .

Note: The above solution is valid for Slack Orb Version 4.1.1

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