Tests Fail With "Error: There is no available Metal device on this system"

Error: There is no available Metal device on this system

Our macOS executor does not currently have any gpu/hardware acceleration due to being run in a VM. This can cause a crash when the Metal framework tries to access the gpu at a fairly low level. As 3D acceleration for macOS guests has never been greatly supported by the major hypervisors, it is not something we can easily resolve ourselves.

Generally most hardware accelerated rendering does have a form of software rendering fallback which can be used, so in almost all cases this is not a problem - the iOS simulator itself for example is usually hardware accelerated but has a fallback. Metal appears to not have this fallback functionality. You may be able to enquire further about this via Apple's developer support to see if there are any alternative options available: https://developer.apple.com/support/

There is an active idea request for Metal/hardware acceleration support in the macOS executor here (please feel free to vote and comment on this as we use these ideas to shape future features): https://ideas.circleci.com/images/p/hardware-metal-capability-for-macos-vms

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