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Clearing Previous Credentials Using Curl

As part of the sunsetting of the old UI in CircleCI, there can be previous credentials stored that can no longer be cleared and can cause issues with newer builds.

As the old UI is no longer accessible, customers can clear those values by running the below curl command in the terminal. Replace the values as follows:
${CIRCLECI_VCS} with either "github" or "bitbucket"
${CIRCLECI_ORG} with the name of your org
${CIRCLECI_PROJECT} with the name of your project/repository
${CIRCLECI_TOKEN} with a Personal API Token

curl -X PUT -d "{\"aws\":{\"keypair\":null}}" "${CIRCLECI_VCS}/${CIRCLECI_ORG}/${CIRCLECI_PROJECT}/settings?circle-token=${CIRCLECI_TOKEN}" -H "Content-Type:application/json"

You can include the AWS credentials as Project Environment Variables

Please note that this will permanently delete these values. There is no way to recover these values once deleted.


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