Switching to CircleCI's Old UI (and back to the New UI)

If you'd like to switch back to the old UI for various reasons. You can still do this following the steps below. 

Switching to the Old UI:

1. Log in to your CircleCI dashboard

2. Navigate to your pipelines page. The URL is: https://app.circleci.com/pipelines/:VCS/:ORG_NAME/:PROJECT

* Note: Your VCS will be "github" or "bitbucket"

3. Click the "Old Experience" button on the bottom left of your screen (see image below). 


Switching to the New UI :

1. Navigate to any of your jobs page's. The URL should look like : https://circleci.com/:VCS/ORG_NAME/PROJECT/JOB_NUMBER

* Note: your VCS will either be "gh" or "bb"

2. Click "Opt In" on the banner (see image below)



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