Check Usage Queue with the v1.1 API

If jobs in your pipeline are taking a while to run or stuck in the running state and you're unsure why, you can check the Usage Queue to determine if that job is queued behind other running jobs.{orgname}/{project}/{CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM}

orgname is name of the organization or username

project is the name of your repository

CIRCLE_BUILD_NUM the built-in environment variable associated with the specific build in question, which can be found in the UI

If the build was put in the usage queue, you will see the usage_queued_at key and the time it was queued at (UTC), example:

"usage_queued_at": "2020-08-17T17:40:53.115Z"

For those on the Performance Plan getting stuck in the Usage Queue, you can request a concurrency increase by writing to

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