How to add a step that triggers pipeline in different project


You may have situations where a specific workflow in one of your projects should trigger a new build in a different project. As an example, maybe an update to your blog project needs to kick off a new build in your website project to ensure everything is up to date.

Adding a step to trigger a pipeline in a different project

You can accomplish this via a run step that sends an API call to trigger a new pipeline. You will want to generate a personal API token and store it as an environment variable within the project the run step will be on.

Then once that is done you will add this run step to your config of that project:

- run:
  name: Kick off new pipeline
  command: |
    curl --location --request POST '' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    -u "${API_TOKEN}:"

In the above snippet, you will need to update (vcs) to github or bitbucket, (org) to your Organization, and (project) to the name of your project.

Once this has been done once the first project reaches the run step above it will start the second pipeline automatically as long as the settings are correct including the API_TOKEN.


NOTE: You will receive a "project not found" response from the CircleCI API endpoint if the user token does not have the correct permissions or has not been added as an environment variable 


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