What is CircleCI's Xcode Beta Image Support Policy?

Beta images may include unknown bugs and blocking issues due to the nature of pre-release software, including Xcode and other third party software included in the images..

We have a limited scope of support for issues directly relating to issues in beta versions of Xcode, please report issues with Xcode directly to Apple, either through the Feedback Assistant, or via the Apple Developer Forums. If the issue is related to the macOS image itself, we will be happy to help.

Please note: As beta images are released, they are replaced in situ until a GM (stable) image is released, at which point the image is frozen and no longer updated.

If you are requesting an image using an Xcode version that is currently in beta, please expect it to change when Apple releases a new Xcode beta with minimal notice. This can include breaking changes in Xcode which are beyond our control.

We always announce image changes on our forum which you can find here - you can subscribe to this forum for updates by using the bell icon in the top right.

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