Can I delete an Orb?

It is not possible to delete a published Orb. In order to maintain the integrity of the Orb repository, we are unable to delete published versions of Orbs that use the production tag. However, published orbs with a dev tag will be removed automatically if they are not updated for more than 90 days: Orb Versions (Development vs Production)

It is possible to un-list Orbs from the public registry using the CLI with the following command:

circleci orb unlist <namespace>/<orb> <true|false> [flags]

More information on unlisting orbs is available here: How can I make my orbs private?

We do not provide a process for deleting orbs, as publicly released orbs are potentially dependencies for other CircleCI user’s builds. Orbs are SemVer 4 compliant, and each published version is immutable. Allowing for deletions would make users susceptible to unexpected loss of functionality.

At this time, even private orbs are not able to be deleted. However, we are currently receiving user input to add this feature. Comments and votes for this feature can be added to our Canny page: Allow Deleting Private Orbs 

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