Chrome downloading single file artifacts as a zip file


For security purposes we have found that Chrome will sometimes download a single file as a zipped file, usually when the file format is a mobile app -- i.e. .ipa or .aab.

You have a few options to get around this and get the file itself:

  1. You can utilize another browser besides Chrome, like Safari or Firefox.
  2. You can simply rename the file once downloaded from Chrome to have a .ipa or .aab file extension.
  3. You can right-click, then choose "Save link as", then when it prompts you -- change the format from "Zip" to "All files" and edit the filename to have the proper extension.
  4. A bit more involved, but you could specifically set the MIME type of the file within your job steps: -- this should ensure the browser respects the type of file it is.
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