CircleCI Sub-Processors

To support the delivery of the CircleCI services, Circle Internet Services, Inc., dba CircleCI (or one of its affiliates listed below) uses service providers that may store and process personal data about visitors to the CircleCI website and authorized users of the CircleCI platform.

The processors we engage may change. Please check this page regularly for updates.

Third-Party Processors

CircleCI currently uses the following third-party processors:

 Entity Name  Processing Activities  Entity  Country
 Aha!  Roadmap software.  USA
 Amazon Cloudfront,   AWS S3 / AWS RDS  Amazon Cloudfront is the content delivery network for Our data warehouse is on AWS.  USA
 Amplitude  Visualize data from Segment  USA
 Appcues  User onboarding software  USA
 Atlassian  Software development and collaboration tools.  Australia  Digital business payments.   USA 
 Bing  Search marketing through the Bing ad network.   USA
 Calendly  Scheduling software.   USA
 Calibre  Web site monitoring.   USA
 Chargify  Subscription billing software.  USA
 Clearbit  Contact enrichment for Sales.  USA
 Cookiebot  GDPR and ePrivacy compliant online tracking.  Denmark
 DataDear  Excel add-in.  Malta
 Datadog  Cloud monitoring service.  USA
 DemandTools  Data quality tool.  United   Kingdom
 Discourse  Internet forum and mailing list management software.  USA
 DiscoverOrg  Sales and marketing intelligence platform.  USA
 DocuSign  Contract management.  USA
 Drift  Chat software.  USA
 Dropbox  Secure file sharing and storage.  USA
 Engagio  Engagement with existing customers.  USA
 Eventbrite  Platform to manage live events.  USA
 Facebook  Potential customers contact us via Facebook forms.  USA
 Gainsight  Customer success platform for managing NPS process.  USA
 Google Cloud, Google   AdWords, Google   Analytics, Google Tag   Manager, YouTube  Google Cloud: Provides word processing, spreadsheet, and   presentation needs. Google AdWords: Search ads on   Google. Google Analytics: Web analytics. Google Tag   Manager: Manage third-party pixels. YouTube: Host videos   USA
 Honeycomb  Log analysis.  USA
 Host Analytics  Platform that accelerates reporting, analytics, financial   planning, and close processes.  USA
 HotJar  Web analytics.  Malta,   Europe (EU)
 LeanData  Lead routing in Salesforce.  USA
 LinkedIn  Potential customers contact us via LinkedIn forms.  USA
 ListenLoop  Display ads tailor-made for Account Based Marketing   (ABM).  USA
 Looker  Business intelligence through data visualization.  USA
 Mailgun  Product related emails (system notifications).  USA
 Marketo  Marketing automation software.  USA
 Microsoft  GitHub authentication.  USA
 MongoDB  Next-generation database.  USA
 Optimizely  Web optimization.  USA
 Outreach  Enterprise engagement platform for sales.  USA
 Percy  Automated visual reviews for web apps.  USA
 PureB2B  Content marketing platform.  USA
 Pusher  Real-time data and functionality for web and mobile   applications.  United   Kingdom
 Rollbar  Error monitoring and debugging for developers.  USA Inc.  Sales automation platform.  USA
 Segment  Event management platform for reporting and analytics.  USA
 SendSafely  End-to-end encryption platform.  USA
 Showpad  Sales enablement platform to give sales team the content   and the knowledge they need.  USA,   Belgium
 Slack  Communication and collaboration platform.  USA
 Stripe  Payment platform to accept and manage online payments.  USA
 Terminus  Account-based marketing capability.  USA  Integrate product data with downstream systems.  USA
 Twitter  Demand generation on Twitter platform.  USA
 Xero  Cloud accounting software.  New   Zealand 
 Zapier  Integrate CircleCI form fills with downstream systems.  USA
 Zendesk  Customer service platform.  USA
 Zuora  Billing management platform.  USA
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