How Do I Delete My Account?

Before You Begin

Before deleting your account, please ensure you have canceled any paid plans first.
To cancel your paid plan on CircleCI, refer to the Cancel your Plan section in this article.


Deleting Your Account

Head over to , and click on the Take Control button.

Select the Delete all my data option in the modal as seen below.



Next, enter the email address that is linked to your CircleCI user account.

Note: For users who sign in to CircleCI through their Bitbucket or GitHub account, please use the primary email address associated to your Bitbucket or GitHub account here.


You will receive an email from CircleCI Privacy Center (
Please click on the Log In link in the email, and you should be taken back to

Back on, you should see a modal asking for your confirmation to delete your account and all its data.


Make sure you read through our terms closely, before clicking on
Confirm Request.

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