How can I make my orbs private?

Private Orbs

Private orbs are now supported for all users. Administrators can create, publish, and maintain their private orbs. For more details on how to start privately sharing configuration across multiple projects within your organization, please refer to our orbs documentation: 

Unlisting an Orb

Orb publishers can also unlist their orbs from Orb Registry search results by using our CLI (See the documentation of the relevant command here). Unlisted orbs can be listed in the orb registry again with the same CLI command. Only org admins can unlist/list orbs.

Orbs cannot be deleted, however, unlisting will remove them from the Orb Registry. Although unlisting an orb from the Orb Registry limits the visibility of these orbs, the following still applies:

  • Unregistered orbs can still be used in configs
  • The source code can still be viewed using the CircleCI CLI 

(For private orbs, this would apply only for users within the same organization as the private orb)

Making a public orb private : 

In the event that an orb was accidentally published as "Public" and should be "Private" (or vice versa), paid customers can open a ticket with CircleCI Support to have this status changed. 

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