What is an Active User?


An active user is anyone who triggers a non-OSS build to run on CircleCI. The following count as an individual user:

  1. Commits from registered and unregistered users that trigger builds, including PR merges.
  2. Re-running jobs in the CircleCI web application, including SSH debug.
  3. Approving manual jobs (approver will be considered the actor of all downstream jobs).
  4. Using Scheduled Workflows (including Dependabot)
  5. Machine users

Note: If your project is open-source you will not be considered an active user.

Viewing Active Users

You can view your Active Users per billing period under the Users tab (https://circleci.com/gh/organizations/ORGNAME/settings#usage), be sure you are viewing the desired billing cycle at the top right of the page, i.e. Jul 15-Aug 14.

View Available Seats

You can view your available seats here (https://circleci.com/gh/organizations/ORGNAME/settings#usage).

Blocked due to No Seats error

Visit "This job has been blocked because no user seats are available on your plan. Please purchase more user seats to continue building." 

How can I Remove Users?

You cannot remove Active Users from occupied seats in the current billing cycle, but they will drop off of the next month’s billing cycle if they are not active. There is no way to manually remove users from seats at this time.

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