How do I connect to a macOS container via VNC?

To connect to a MacOS container via VNC:

  1. Select one of your MacOS jobs and click the Rerun button, then Rerun Job with SSH

  2. Log into the container and change the password
    $ sudo passwd distiller

  3. Configure SSH port-forwarding on your local machine
    ssh -p 54782 <mac container ip> -L5901:localhost:5900 -N

  4. Download and install VNC Viewer and access localhost:5901

  5. Use the credentials "distiller/<new password>" when prompted


Note: There is a known issue with version 10.2.0+ of the macOS images where sudo passwd distiller is unable to reset the password without the knowledge of the current password.

To mitigate this, you can create a new user account, and use the credentials of that new account instead of the "distiller" account for VNC login.

For example, the following command will create a user "vncuser":

sudo /usr/sbin/sysadminctl -addUser vncuser -fullName "VNC User" -password <password> -admin
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