How do I connect to a macOS container via VNC?

This article explains how to connect to a mac container via VNC.


  1. Run "Rerun job" with SSH on UI
  2. Login to the container and change password
    1. $ sudo passwd distiller
  3. Run ssh port forwarding on your local machine
    1. ssh -p 54782 <mac container ip> -L5901:localhost:5900 -N
  4. Install VNC client and access localhost:5901

    1. install VNC client and access localhost:5901 >

    2. Use the credentials distiller/<new password> when prompted

Note: There is a known issue with version 10.2.0+ of the macOS images where `sudo passwd distiller` is unable to reset the password without knowledge of the current password. To mitigate this, you can create a new user account and use the credentials of that account instead of the distiller account for VNC login. For example, the following command will create an account with the name "vncuser".

sudo /usr/sbin/sysadminctl -addUser vncuser -fullName "VNC User" -password <password> -admin
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