Build a Docker image in one job and use it in another job

Sometimes you may want to build a Docker image in one job, and use it in a downstream job. For small images, you can achieve that by using workspaces to share the data among jobs. 

Build job

  • Build the Docker image

  • Save the image to a tar file
    docker save -o <file path for generated tar file> <image name>
  • Use the persist_to_workspace key to make the file available to other jobs.


Downstream job(s)

  • Use the attach_workspace key to configure the job(s) to get the previously saved data

  • Load the Docker image from the workspace
    docker load -i <path to image tar file>


Note: If your images are large (>~1GB) this will probably not be a great solution. You can try to gzip the images as well or consider strategies to reduce your images size.

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