How can I view a list of jobs by tag name?

At the moment, there isn't a straightforward way to get a list of jobs by tag name, from the CircleCI UI. However, you could use our API ( to retrieve such information. Here are some examples of how to do that (a CircleCI API token will be necessary - see:

Get jobs matching a tag name

curl -s "<vcs-name>/<org-name>/<project-name>?circle-token=$CIRCLE_TOKEN&limit=100" | jq -r '.[] | select (.vcs_tag? == "<tag-name>") | {build_url, subject}'

Get all jobs that ran for any tag

curl -s "<vcs-name>/<org-name>/<project-name>?circle-token=$CIRCLE_TOKEN&limit=100" | jq -r '.[] | select (.vcs_tag? != null) | {build_url, subject}'

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