Restoring cache appears empty with a size of 32 bytes

If you find yourself in a situation where your cache is being restored successfully but you believe that the files you are expecting are missing, take a look at the size of the cache being restored.

Found a cache from build 1 at v1-CACHE_KEY
Size: 32 B Cached paths: * /home/circleci/...
Downloading cache archive...
Validating cache...
Unarchiving cache...

The 32B file size indicates the size of an empty tarball which was created in the previous `save cache` step.

You will also often see in the `save_cache` step that the step has been skipped as the contents have not changed due to them being empty.

Skipping cache generation, cache already exists for key:


Take a look at the `save cache` step and ensure the proper paths are being saved and their contents are not empty.

You can implement `ls` commands within your config to help identify what files are going to be saved or connect to your container over SSH to manually inspect.

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