Configuring metrics on Server 2.16

⚠  CircleCI Server 2.x is no longer a supported release  ⚠
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To configure AWS Cloudwatch, Datadog and Custom Metrics on the Server 2.16 installation, you will need to add config files for the metric provider.

You can create a file containing all configs for the output providers named *.conf and place it in /etc/circleconfig/telegraf/ like the following:

  - name: custom_telegraf_config_description
    type: label
    title: |
      Files matching `/etc/circleconfig/telegraf/*.conf` on this host will be included with the telegraf configuration.
      This allows you to specify custom output providers. For more information visit
  - name: custom_telegraf_config_example
    title: Example
    type: textarea
    readonly: true
    value: |
      # SSH into the services host, then add the following to /etc/circleconfig/telegraf/kafka.conf
      # Afterwards restart the telegraf container with `sudo docker restart telegraf`
        brokers = [""]
        topic = "circleci"

Alternatively, you can create provider-specific configurations. In this example, we are collecting Datadog metrics and will name the file datadog.conf and place it in /etc/circleconfig/telegraf/. The file would look like the following:


  access_key = ""
  secret_key = ""
  region = ""
  namespace = "" 

Additional output providers can be found on the telegraph repo.

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