Clearing the Nomad job queue

When CircleCI jobs are queued or otherwise won't run, it is sometimes necessary to manually clear out the Nomad job queue as part of regular troubleshooting—refer to our Introduction to Nomad Cluster Operation article for a basic overview.

Running nomad status while SSH'd into the Services machine will display all currently running Nomad jobs, each of which represents a specific CircleCI job.

Running nomad stop $ID with a job ID from the ID column of this output will clear an individual job from the queue.

However, the list of jobs can sometimes be very long, depending on how long queueing has been happening and how frequently developers have been pushing new commits.

Instead of manually running nomad stop for each job in the queue, you can automate this process using the following series of shell commands:

nomad status | awk 'NR>1{print $1}' | xargs -iID replicated admin nomad stop ID

These shell commands will cancel all queued/running jobs in the Nomad job queue.

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