Checking for updates to the CircleCI Server Offering


There are a variety of mechanisms for staying up-to-date about new CircleCI releases.

Server 4 users should use the changelog.

Server 3 users can use all the below methods.


CircleCI's Server Changelog

New releases are posted to, and operators can subscribe to the included RSS feed.


Using the Management Console

You can check for updates via the Replicated Management Console, available at $YOUR_CIRCLECI_HOSTNAME:8800/dashboard.


Replicated's Integration API

Replicated's Integration API includes a Version API, via which operators can check for CircleCI updates using the command line.


A GET request to /version/v1/updates will return a list of all available updates.

All API calls must begin with the Integration API base endpoint, available by querying the $REPLICATED_INTEGRATIONAPI environment variable that is automatically added to all application containers (in this case, all CircleCI containers running within the Services machine).


In CircleCI installations, this base endpoint tends to have the form of https://$SERVICES_MACHINE_PRIVATE_IP:9880

Thus, a fully formed API call to check for CircleCI updates might be made as follows:

curl -k https://$SERVICES_MACHINE_PRIVATE_IP:9880/version/v1/updates


Operators can programmatically check for updates by integrating this API endpoint into any existing monitoring systems (for example, Nagios) that may be in use.

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