Fixing clock drift

Clock drift across your hosted CircleCI installation's instances can cause a wide range of issues, from failed health checks, to failed jobs. You might also notice AWS credential errors like below.

2020-08-05T15:42:43.461439671Z Caused by: AWS was not able to validate the provided access credentials (Service: AmazonEC2; Status Code: 401; Error Code: AuthFailure; Request ID


Typically, error messages will indicate something about certificates "not yet being valid," and jobs will display curious runtimes ("finished five minutes from now").

Here's how to re-sync clocks across your instances:

  1. SSH into the Services box
  2. Install ntp if you haven't already: sudo apt-get install ntp
  3. Restart ntp. These steps may need to be run as root: 
    service ntp stop
    ntpdate -s
    service ntp start
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