How do I delete my account?

*If you'd like to cancel a paid plan, please follow these instructions


CircleCI currently connects your GitHub or Bitbucket account to our system. 

If you don't want to use CircleCI any more, you should click 'unfollow all projects'

from this page:

where USERNAME is you GitHub username (case sensitive) (replace `gh` with `bb` if you're signed in using a Bitbucket account)

When that's done, you will no longer be using CircleCI.

Your account will be inactive and you won't get notifications from us. If you actually need a full deletion of your identity on CircleCI you can contact support but this isn't necessary to stop using CircleCI.

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  • So the answer really is no, but you can stop notifications by using the above steps.  Might be more helpful if you just say the answer first instead of burying it at the bottom.  Also would be helpful to add account deletion support.

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