Resolving Orb Source Tarball Extraction Error in CircleCI Orb Publish Job


You may encounter an error during the orb-tools/publish step related to the extraction of the orb source tarball. This article guides you through resolving the "No such file or directory" error for dist/orb_source.tar.gz.


  • Ensure you have a CircleCI account and are familiar with CircleCI configuration.
  • Have an existing orb that you are trying to publish using orb-tools v12.


To avoid the tarball extraction error, it's crucial to run the orb-tools/pack job before orb-tools/publish and persist the workspace between these jobs. The orb-tools/pack job generates the orb_source.tar.gz file, which the orb-tools/publish job requires.

Here's an example of how to configure these jobs in your workflow:

- command-tests:
filters: *filters
- orb-tools/pack:
filters: *filters
- orb-tools/publish:
orb_name: <namespace>/<orb_name>
vcs_type: << pipeline.project.type >>
pub_type: production
- orb-tools/pack
- command-tests

In this setup, orb-tools/pack runs before orb-tools/publish, and the workspace is persisted between these jobs, ensuring that orb_source.tar.gz is available when orb-tools/publish runs.

By adding the orb-tools/pack job as a requirement for the orb-tools/publish job within the same workflow, the workspace layers will be correctly restored, and the tarball extraction error should be resolved.

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