Do I Have To Send a New Team Invite For Every Project?


To add members of your team in order to be able to access a project in CircleCI, you must first send them an invite, but does this mean that you have to send a different link for every project in an organization?


Inviting Team Members

No, you don't need to invite new employees for every single project with a different link. The sign-up link generated when you click the "Invite my team" button is not unique to a single team member or a single project. This link can be shared and used by multiple users at the same time, and they will have access to all the projects in your organization that they are permitted to see based on their GitHub permissions.


What If I Only Want Them to Access Individual Projects?

If you want to craft a custom invite link for your organization, you can follow these steps:

  1. In the CircleCI web app, go to Organization Settings > Overview and copy your Organization ID.
  2. Incorporate your Organization ID and VCS (either GitHub or Bitbucket) into the invitation link using the following format:[your-organization-id]&vcsType=[github-or-bitbucket]
  3. Send this sign-up link to new team members to join your organization.

You can find more details in our documentation.


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