Why can't I see the see the Peoples tab in my Organization Settings?


Some users have reported that they are unable to see the People tab in their CircleCI application interface. This tab is typically used to view and manage user accounts, roles, and permissions.



The main reason for this issue is related to the type of authorization used with GitHub or Bitbucket.

If you've authorized your CircleCI account using GitHub OAuth or Bitbucket OAuth, you will not see the People tab.

In this situation, please log in to access your relevant organization.


How to Identify Your Account Type

You can identify your account type by visiting the CircleCI web app, selecting Dashboard from the sidebar, and inspecting the URL in your browser:

  • A URL like https://app.circleci.com/pipelines/circleci/UTxCZDiJ9MLGLC8hR1ZDmg indicates you are authenticated with the GitHub App.

  • A URL like https://app.circleci.com/pipelines/github/<your GitHub username/organization name> indicates you are authenticated with the GitHub OAuth app.

For more information please view our GitHub App Integration Documentation.


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