An Overview of Customer Engineering Value Added Services

Our Consultative Approach to Delivering Tailored Value-added Technical Services

CircleCI Customer Engineer (also known as a Dedicated Customer Engineer or DCE) tailors a technical plan to each customer's unique needs, working closely with them to recommend the best services throughout the contract duration.

Unlike traditional methods where the customer needs to understand our services to make selections, our CE lends their expertise to define the best plan. The service delivery timeline is also designed by the CE, ensuring optimal outcomes and a seamless customer experience based on predicted needs.

While we provide expert advice, we believe in transparency, giving customers visibility into our complete service portfolio. This proactive approach to customer inclusion ensures that your team is always informed and can express interest in any service they desire.

Our customer-centric method relieves the customer from the burden of decision-making, while simultaneously involving them in the planning process for a more personalized experience. 


Services offered

    • Configuration Review
    • Configuration Translation
    • Configuration Best Practices
    • Cost Optimization Analysis
    • Dynamic Configuration Implementation
    • Orb Authoring & Usage: Public/Private
    • Custom Image Authoring & Usage
    • Training
      • General Developer Training
      • Custom Training
      • New Release Training
      • Config Policies Training
      • Pipeline Security Training
      • Self-Hosted Runner Training
    • Technical Consultation
      • Metrics: Insights API & Dashboards
      • Storage: Caching, Artifacts, & Workspaces
      • Docker Layer Caching
      • Parallelism / Test Splitting forecasting
      • Testing & Debugging: SSH Reruns
      • Scheduled Pipelines
    • Pilot Programs
      • Beta Program Advocacy
      • Lab-based training


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