Orb publishing with GitHub App


The automated orb setup option is not currently fully supported for GitHub App projects. To find out if you authorized through the GitHub OAuth app or the CircleCI GitHub App, see the GitHub App integration page.

Below is a workaround that utilizes most of the automated process with some additional steps for orb authoring.

Orb Setup

  1. Follow this guide as normal until you reach Step 3
  2. When you get to the option of Would you like to perform an automated setup of this orb?: please select Yes  
  3. Follow each step until you are asked Are you using GitHub or Bitbucket or GitHub app (if GH App use circleci as the entry)? and please enter circleci
  4. When you are asked for your org name, please do not enter the name in the left-hand corner of the CircleCI App. It will actually be the org ID - which can be found in your Organization Settings
  5. Complete the rest of the automated prompts
  6. Navigate to your Projects dashboard in CircleCI and set up a project for your orb repository following this guide: https://circleci.com/docs/github-apps-integration/#sign-up
  7. As a final step, inside of the config.yml in GitHub for your orb repo, please adjust vcs_type from the default pipeline parameter to github. It should look something like this:
- orb-tools/continue:
pipeline-number: << pipeline.number >>
vcs-type: github


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