Can I delete a project?

Project Deletion

Per our data retention policy, depending on your plan, we retain build data for the following periods :

  • Free Plans: 90 days
  • Performance and Custom Plans: 180 days
  • Scale Plans: 2 years

You can also set custom data retention periods for artifacts, workspaces and cache items by navigating to the Usage Controls in the Plan portal:

If you need a project deleted sooner than our policy outlines, please follow this guide. At this time, project deletion requests are completed by submitting a ticket via our Support Portal. Deleting a project will remove the complete build history. 


To find out if you authorized through the GitHub OAuth app or the CircleCI GitHub App, see the GitHub App integration page.

GitHub OAuth

Make sure that all webhooks for your project are removed in GitHub. This Support Article describes the necessary steps. 

GitHub App

For GitHub App you will need to do the following:

  1. Navigate to your Project Settings page in the project you wish to delete on CircleCI.
  2. Click on "Configuration" and delete all your configurations.
  3. Click on "Triggers" and delete all of your triggers.

Once this is done, please provide a CircleCI link to your project to CircleCI Support.


Note: The order is important for the following actions

1. Delete the triggers in your project settings

2. Delete the configuration in your project settings 

Submitting a Support Ticket

Project deletion requests must be submitted or approved by an Organization Admin. Use this guide if you are having trouble identifying an org admin.

You may be asked to provide the project ID of the project you wish to have deleted. You can find that ID in your Project Settings.

Once we receive your ticket, please expect our Support Engineers to confirm the request. 

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