How to list in-progress pipelines for a given project


If you need to find out which pipelines are in-progress without using the UI, you'll find that unlike jobs and workflows, pipelines never have a "running" status.

For pipelines, the possible statuses (returned by the API v2) are: "created" "errored" "setup-pending" "setup" "pending".

However, we can deduce/consider that a given pipeline is in progress if any of the elements (workflows/jobs) it contains are in a "running" state.


Prerequisites (If Applicable):

If you don't already have one that you can use, you'll need to generate a personal API token to authenticate your requests to the CircleCI API v2.


  1.  Get the list of all pipelines for the project
  2. Check the statuses of the workflow(s) for each pipeline


If for a given pipeline there is [are] a "running" workflow[s], then note/save the pipeline ID; the related pipeline is considered in-progress.


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