CircleCI Associate Developer


Learn how to build, test, and deploy using CircleCI, from CI/CD basics to optimizations. 


In this course, we will cover everything you need to get started using CircleCI. You will learn how to set up a CircleCI pipeline to build, test, and deploy an application. We will also cover some basic ways to simplify and optimize your configuration file, so you can get the most out of your investment.


Course Synopsis: 

Course Overview:

The "CircleCI Associate Developer" eLearning course is designed to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to become proficient in utilizing CircleCI for implementing efficient CI/CD pipelines in a DevOps environment. From understanding the fundamentals to advanced optimization techniques, learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of CircleCI elements, pipeline configuration, testing, Docker image building, vulnerability scanning, and deployment strategies. This course will prepare participants for the exam at the end of the program, which acts as confirmation of their understanding of the material.

Course Structure:

The course is carefully structured into four modules, each covering specific aspects of using CircleCI for DevOps. The modules are further divided into topics, ensuring a clear learning progression. Here's an overview of what will be covered:

Module 1: CI/CD Basics

In this module, participants will build a strong foundation in CI/CD principles and learn how to apply them using CircleCI. They will gain insight into:

  • Understanding the CircleCI configuration format
  • Exploring various CircleCI elements and their significance

Module 2: A Realistic CI/CD Pipeline

This module provides a practical approach to setting up an effective CI/CD pipeline using CircleCI. Participants will learn about:

  • Configuring and optimizing pipeline settings for maximum efficiency
  • Leveraging caching and orbs to improve performance and reusability
  • Implementing secrets management to securely handle sensitive information

Module 3: Build, Test & Deploy on CircleCI

This module focuses on the key components of utilizing CircleCI for building, testing, and deploying applications. Participants will cover the following topics:

  • Executing tests within the CircleCI environment to ensure code quality
  • Building and deploying Docker images seamlessly using CircleCI
  • Conducting vulnerability scanning to identify and address security weaknesses
  • Employing various deployment strategies supported by CircleCI

Module 4: Elevate Your CI/CD

In this module, participants will learn advanced techniques to optimize CI/CD practices using CircleCI. The topics covered include:

  • Fine-tuning CircleCI configuration to enhance performance
  • Identifying areas for continuous improvement and implementing next steps


At the end of the course, participants will undergo an exam to assess their understanding of the material covered throughout the program. This exam serves as confirmation of their knowledge and skills in utilizing CircleCI for DevOps. 

Target Audience

The "CircleCI Associate Developer" course is ideal for DevOps engineers, software developers, and individuals seeking to enhance their understanding and proficiency in implementing CI/CD practices using CircleCI. Prior knowledge of basic software development concepts, familiarity with Docker and Git, and completion of the course material are recommended to succeed in the exam and gain certification.





Important Note: a certificate is not provided upon completion of the exam


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