Build timeouts are enforced at the plan level. Jobs have a maximum runtime of 1 (Free), 3 (Performance), or 5 (Scale) hours depending on pricing plan. 

Since Server customers are on a scale plan, builds on our Server offering time out after 5 hours.

Can I configure this to be shorter?

Yes! This can be done by using the no_output_timeout parameter for run gives users the option to change the no-output timeout from the default 10 minutes to a user-specified timeout. More details about decreasing your time out can be found in the following support article:

Can I increase this timeout?

At this time, it is not possible to increase this time out past the the current 5 hour limit. There is an open feature request which can be seen at the link below for this to be implemented:

Although, if there are test suites or other jobs that generally require more time, one workaround for this limitation would be to leverage a self-hosted machine runner on your team's environment. Using this allows for customized and longer run times using the max_run_time value in the launch-agent-config.yaml configuration file.


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