[Server 4.x] How do I confirm what is deployed during a Server version upgrade?


This article shares how CircleCI Server 4.x administrators can confirm which resources were deployed during a Server 4.x version upgrade.

This can be useful in confirming if a certain deployment (e.g., output-processor) was re-deployed, for instance.

Use --debug option with Helm Upgrade

When upgrading a Server 4.x via Helm, you can include the `--debug` option.

The verbose output will show which Kubernetes resources are redeployed or skipped (e.g., when there are no changes).

helm upgrade circleci-server \
oci://cciserver.azurecr.io/circleci-server \
-n $namespace \
--version <version> \
-f <path-to-values.yaml> \


Note that this is applicable only during the upgrade itself.


You can see the debug information on which Kubernetes resources are redeployed or skipped for updates.

Additional Notes

If you would like to confirm what will be changed with the new version before applying, please see our documentation on how to use the Helm Diff plugin.


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