How to Add Deprecated Debian Stretch Repositories


The following suites were deprecated and imported to and are no longer available on the list of distributions as of 23 April 2023:

  • stretch
  • stretch-debug
  • stretch-proposed-updates

More details about this can be found on the following page:

Does this impact my Docker Images that my team's projects use?

This can impact the now-deprecated circleci prefixed convenience images which reached EOL in 2021, any custom-built images, and third party images not provided by CircleCI with the cimg prefix.


Can I still use those suites after they were removed?

Yes - There are a few ways to accomplish this.


1.  When building a Docker image, adding the following RUN command to add this new archived location to the sources.list


RUN echo "deb stretch main" > /etc/apt/sources.list


2.  At runtime during your CircleCI pipeline, add the following run step:

- run: echo "deb stretch main" > /etc/apt/sources.list



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