How to view and delete GitLab Webhook Deliveries

Finding GitLab Webhook Deliveries

You can view your GitLab Webhook Deliveries (sent from GitLab to CircleCI) in your GitLab project settings by navigating to Project Settings > webhooks at the following URL:{GL_ORG_NAME}/{GL_REPO_NAME}/-/hooks


Viewing GitLab Webhooks 

From here you can scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you will find a list of webhooks. You can click "events" > "recent events" > "view details" to view details of each webhook. 



Deleting GitLab Webhooks

To delete a GitLab webhook scroll to the bottom of your project settings > "webhooks" > "Delete" at the following URL :{GL_ORG_NAME}/{GL_REPO_NAME}/-/hooks




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