How to Find your Private Orb's Documentation


Our public orb registry features documentation to go along with every public orb that can be referenced with usage examples, jobs and their respective parameters, commands, as well the Orb's source code.

Many users find value in having this documentation and reference to distribute amongst their teams as well for other users in the community to utilize these orb examples. When creating a private orb or converting to private, this visibility is lost on the open registry due the nature of private orbs.


Viewing your Private Orb's registry entry

Users within the organization an orb belongs to can view their private orb's documentation and previous entries by navigating to the direct URL:

Note: A user must be signed into CircleCI to view their organization's private orbs. All other users outside of the organization will be met with a 404 if visiting the same link.


Listing your Private Orbs

Any users with private orbs can list all their private orbs by using the CircleCI CLI.

To list all your private orbs, please run:

circleci orb list <namespace> --private

More details about the orb list CircleCI CLI command can be found here.


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