[Server] How to fix "An internal server error occurred" errors when using the Continuation Orb on CircleCI Server


CircleCI Server users may encounter "An internal server error occurred." errors when first using the Continuation Orb on their Server environment due to an undefined domain.




  1. When using the circleci/continuation orb on server using the default parameter values, it will return An internal server error occurred. errors when using any of the commands/jobs this orb offers.
  2. To remedy this error, the domain of the server instance needs to be defined under the circleci_domain parameter since the default is circleci.com for our cloud users. Kindly see the exmaple below:
            - continuation/continue:
               circleci_domain: circleci.<your_org_domain_here>.com
               configuration_path: .circleci/release.yml

If your team continues to encounter issues with this orb after configuration of the circleci_domain parameter to use your server domain, please reach out to the CircleCI Support team by submitting a ticket.


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