Adding Additional Contacts


By default, CircleCI sends Security or Service related notifications to admins of your organization. Adding an essential contact to your organization’s contact list will allow them to receive Service and Security notifications. Essential contacts are members of your organization outside of CircleCI's platform and CRM. These contacts can be anyone, however we recommend adding your organization’s Security and Compliance teams. This will ensure your organization is fully up to date on any Security or Service incidents.


These changes can only be made by an organization's admin. To help identify your organization's admins, please reference the articles below:

How to Add Additional Contacts

As an organization Admin, Navigate to your Organization Settings Page on the left-hand side of the dashboard.Under the Overview section, there are options to manage Technical Contacts and Security Contacts.Within each respective section, there is a button to add a contact.


Note: There is a limit of 5 Emails for these contacts. If the limit is reached, there will be a banner instructing users to remove emails before others can be added.
We encourage using mailing groups and managing user contacts via the mailing group to reach the most people within your organization without exceeding the maximum allotted email contacts per organization






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