How to connect multiple organisations (orgs) on CircleCI

Once you are set up with your CircleCI you may want to connect to another type of organization.


You will need an account type that is not currently connected this can be a Gitlab, Github, or Bitbucket account.


Once logged into CircleCI click on the top left where your username and icon is shown, this will show you all of the available account you currently have access to view. At the bottom of the section press the button titled Create New Organisation. 

A new page will load that allows you to connect your chosen VCS, click the connect button for the VCS you would like to connect, and then follow the connection steps.


If the authentication has worked you will now have a new option in the dropdown with your new organization.

Additional Notes

Please be aware you are only able to connect one account for each VCS that is connected to CircleCI.

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