When submitting a Support ticket for a private Server installation of CircleCI, you may be asked to provide a support bundle by the CircleCI Support Engineer working on your ticket.

Previously, on Server 2.x and 3.x installations of CircleCI, this was done using the KOTS Admin Dashboard to generate this. However, Server 4.x no longer uses KOTS and requires manual generation following the steps below.



  • A running deployment of CircleCI Server 4.0 (or higher) with access to the cluster/namespace using kubectl

Generating a Support Bundle on Server 4.x

  1. Confirm that you have access to the cluster/namespace by running:
    kubectl -n <namespace> get pods
  2. Make sure that krew is installed
  3. Install the support-bundle (kubectl plugin) by running:
    kubectl krew install support-bundle
  4. When ready, run the support bundle from the current directory and wait for it to finish
    kubectl support-bundle https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CircleCI-Public/server-scripts/main/support/support-bundle.yaml

Additional details can be found in our documentation here


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