Troubleshooting "Error Fetching Config" Error on GitLab Pipelines


Users can sometimes encounter an Error Fetching Config error that blocks the pipelines from triggering. This occurs for users who are using the GitLab VCS Integration.



To resolve this error, please follow the steps below to re-create the triggers and configuration source:


1. Navigate to Project Settings

2. Under the "Triggers" section, delete all the triggers associated with the problematic configuration first. 

3. Under the "Configuration" section, delete the problematic configuration source after the triggers.

4. Once the triggers and configuration source have been successfully deleted, recreate the triggers and configuration source

5. Push a new commit to verify a pipeline triggers



Once the Triggers and Configuration Source have been deleted and re-created, kindly trigger the pipeline by pushing a new commit and if you are still encountering issues, please contact the CircleCI Support Team by submitting a request.

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