What is a job?


A job is a collection of steps that are executed as a single unit in an execution environment. Jobs are defined in your config.yml.

What makes a job

At the very minimum, your job needs to have an executor defined, and at least one step.

Typically your job will first check out your repository using the special checkout step. Then, using run steps, you can execute bash commands to perform your building, testing, and deployments.

Using workflows, you can define multiple jobs that run in a specific sequence, in parallel, and various other configurations

Boost your config

There are a whole lot of special steps that you can use to speed up your jobs or add other functionality to your build process.

You can try using cached dependencies, saving artifacts you have created in your jobs, or even saving your test reports to see how your tests performed right on the job page UI.

While you are waiting for your jobs to complete, take a scroll through all of the configuration features here on our docs page.

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