Rebuild button is missing from the build page

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  • I couldn’t find any “Rerun Workflow” option available. I had to cancel the Workflow and rerun it from the start.

    This was because the specific deployment hadn’t failed so “rerun from failed step” wasn’t available for me, and could potentially try and deploy to Production since that was the only step that hadn’t run.

    Given it goes through 3 environments before the one that didn’t deploy correctly the removal of this feature is frustrating, time wasting, and computer cycle wasting.

    Would be ideal to simply rerun the step you’re up to, thanks!

  • This was working great before, this change is unwelcome and annoying. Thanks for pointing this out and the workaround.

  • As we say.. 2 steps forward, 1 step back!

  • Will there be a "Rerun without cache" button?   Kind of need it right now. :-)

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