My GitHub organization is not listed


1. Check oAuth app access restrictions

Check to make sure CircleCI is enabled in your GitHub organization third-party app restrictions in your Organization Settings. You can read more about these restrictions on the GitHub docs page.


2. Check the application page on GitHub

You may also need to enable CircleCI on the individual application page. You can do so with the following steps:

  • Go to and click the blue check permissions link in the GitHub section.
  • This will take you to the app page on GitHub where you can grant permissions to CircleCI in the Organization Access section at the bottom.



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  • I couldn't get it working using these instructions. What I did was:

    - Go to CircleCi Account Integrations page:
    - Click on the blue "Check permissions" link next to "Are you missing a GitHub Organization?"
    - This link will take you to a Circle CI page within GitHub that has this URL scheme:
    - In the "Organization Access" section in that link, click "Grant Access" next to the organization you'd like to add
    - Log out/in of Circle CI

    You should be able to see your org's projects!


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