Jobs (builds) not triggered when pushing tag

To run a CircleCI 2.0 job on tag push, it must be part of a CircleCI Workflow. If you would like to convert your vanilla 2.0 config.yml to use Workflows, please refer to the Workflows config docs.

If you would like to continue using CircleCI 2.0 without workflows, you can read about workarounds in this Discuss post.

Take note: CircleCI treats tag and branch filters differently when deciding whether a job should run:

  1. For a branch push unaffected by any filters, CircleCI runs the job. (Blacklist approach)
  2. For a tag push unaffected by any filters, CircleCI skips the job. (Whitelist approach)

To read more about how to configure tag builds with Workflows, check out our config docs page here.

Note: Currently pushing multiple tags with the --tags flag will not trigger builds. Only pushing a single tag will trigger a build.  This is currently a known issue, and we have an internal ticket to address this.

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